WPCSA Southwest Region Blog, May 2016, Judy Hubert and Debbie Elliott-Fisk

WPCSA Southwest Region Blog, May 2016, Judy Hubert and Debbie Elliott-Fisk


I (Judy) love going to the AGMs, as #1 it’s a “break” from the daily routine, but best of all, #2, I get to see pony friends I haven’t seen for a year or more, and always come home invigorated and excited about the Welsh Pony/Cob family! Nowhere do you find such good people!

A HUGE “thank you” to the Texas group – primarily the Red River Welsh Pony Association, for all the work they put into the success of this event. It’s really hard to put down on paper the enthusiasm we all felt – the help and cooperation with all of the events and activities, the table decorations that were absolutely out of this world (thank you Robin Nowak and company), the young people all pitching in and helping with awards, and the overall good will and enthusiasm of all.

The WPCSA is making progress! We will all find that the efforts of the past couple of years are really beginning to be noticeable to all.

One of my personal frustrations has been the website, but now I understand! Currently there are two websites – welshpony.org and wpcsamembers.com. The older, original site has all the data on it while the new site has all the applications – whistles and bells – that allow us to do all our business on line. Unfortunately, in the tech world, the older site (data) is written in out-dated “tech talk”, so major work needs to be done to seam these two operations into one. The goal is for us to be able to go to one site for ALL business. The proceeds from this year’s very successful auction (both silent and live) are designated for the purpose of completing the website project.

As an Area Rep, along with my best helper and co-rep Debbie Elliott-Fisk, we have tried a couple of areas of communication with very little success. This job is a “work in progress”, and we need YOU to help us. The over-all consensus is that Facebook is the best and easiest mans of communication. Along with this, e-mail (and we need your e-mail address!) and the WPCSA Blog are the “vehicles” we are currently using. Debbie has posted a couple of blogs, primarily to let you know what is going on in our (CA) area/region.   We want to hear from you – same information! What’s going on in your area? Do you have concerns with the WPCSA? If so, please share them with us. We want to resolve questions and areas of concern, as well as share the “brags”, success stories, etc.

Our kids had a wonderful time at this year’s AGM. They all had the opportunity to become Roving Reporters. Pat Cochran gave them a quick lesson on this job, and they were taking pictures throughout, interviewing attendees, and submitting their reports to either Pat or Martha Stover. What a fun opportunity for them – and there were prizes!

A huge “thank you” to Bonnie and Todd Barbey for all the wonderful pictures they have recently shared with all of us on Facebook, primarily the fantastic pictures from this last year’s American National! After attending this exciting event, it was really fun to come home and look at all the pictures, and “live it “ all over again. Not only did Bonnie take those pictures, but she was able to put them all together and post them for everyone to enjoy! Many thanks, Bonnie.

I’d love to challenge everyone of you to take a minute to send a “thank you” to the WPCSA Board, as well as the WPCSA Office staff. All e-mail addresses are listed on the WPCSA website. We all get wrapped up in our own little worlds, but these people spend hours & hours of their time, all volunteer (except for the few paid office staff members), in an effort to keep all of us happy, while working to keep the society working within the guidelines of our Mission. A little “thank you” is so easy for each of us, and means so much to those in the trenches.

There are many things we, as members, can do to support the WPCSA, without a whole lot of effort! By going to the wpcsamembers.com website, you can learn many things about the WPCSA. Take some time and go through the various tabs. You can find a listing of all the committees, an area that all members are welcome to join. If you have an area that you think could use your expertise, please contact the chair of that committee, and join. For the Welsh Review, articles are always being sought after. Do you have historical information that others would enjoy? Please put together an article for The Review. Did you know you can read The Review on line? Yes! This year, you can do a pony search for FREE! Please contact Lisa Landis at the office, and she’ll get you set up. There is a definite “go to” place if you have animals for sale – the section called Studs/Breeders/4 sale – the ultimate classified spot! Do you have ideas/suggestions/thoughts about the website? Please contact Megan Burtness – she’s done an awesome job, but would appreciate input, ideas, and suggestions. Marketing – Martha Stover is always looking for ideas and suggestions on marketing! Pat Cochran is always looking for new “promotion” ideas – all of us can take a few minutes and write up an article about Welsh happenings in our area and submit these to the local papers that are offered locally.

We have many talented folks in our WWW – Wonderful World of Welsh! Let’s make 2016 a year of positive help, positive feedback, positive promotion, and a positively great year!


Local News

Our first show of the season is now “in the books!” While we were small (72 equines), it was a wonderful show, with some very nicely turned out Welsh Ponies, Welsh Cobs, and Mountain and Moorland ponies! Many thanks to all of you who made the effort and came to the show.


One of the highlights at the event was the sharing of the mulit-ring facility at the Brookside Equestrian Park with the Mini’s. They had 116 mini’s at their show, and it was amazing to watch them! Those little guys did a LOT of driving that weekend, and turned out beautifully for their halter classes.


If the Mini’s can do it, there’s absolutely no reason why the Welsh can’t turn out 116 ponies/cobs at our fall Brookside/Western Regional Show, September 2 – 5 (only 4 days this year instead of 5 days)! For those of you who haven’t been showing lately for whatever reason, it’s time to come to this event. The Board and Show Committee folks are working to make this a really good event for all. As a reminder, please keep in mind that in addition to having a first-class show, the facility offers their swimming pool, we have our Fun with Fido event, those who are showing get a free dinner (we’ve done this for the past two years), Brookside always offers a very low-cost meal in addition to their extra “goodies” – and we are hoping to offer whatever other fun things you may be interested in having – we want you to have fun! Kids – a pool/pizza party is being planned by our Jr. Board Members! And importantly, if we get 100 or more Welsh Ponies, Cobs and Partbreds exhibiting, exhibitors will earn QUADRUPLE WPCSA points – how can you beat that!


OK – got my “plug” in for September – so what happened in May? It was the hottest day of the year for one of the days, and then cooled down with Delta breezes for the rest of the show. We had a little bit of both types of weather. Many of the kids made it to the swimming pool after their day of showing, as well as to the air-conditioned Brookside Cafe for lunch and ice cream!


Our junior. riders are growing up – had several of last year’s walk-trot kids tackle the 3-gaited classes this year, and successfully! How fun to watch these kids grow up. Additionally, they are excited about the Ridden Pony classes, and have started participating! And, last, but not least, new kids taking on the Hunter ring! These kids are all doing a great job, and the big kids better watch out – there’s going to be some new challenges! J


Our thanks to Kim Boyd and Alissa and Carrie Kirtlan for their efforts in managing this show. Most of the Kirtlan family ended up in the show ring at one time or another helping with ring steward duties, and they all did a wonderful job. And Kirtlan niece Riley also helped with ribbons and prizes. At the end of the show, we even got Alissa on the microphone and she did a great job announcing. In addition to Alissa, both Kim and Nora Frushour handled the announcing duties, and Nora was a huge contributor on Sunday with all of the hunter classes, and, as always, they BOTH did an awesome job! Bud Gearhart was also a big help at the gate. Trying to pull all the pieces together to make a show happen, in addition to showing your own animals, is an almost impossible task, and we are always grateful to those who are willing to take on this job. Many, many thanks to everyone who had any part in the operation of this event, as there were many contributors.


In addition, many thanks to our judges Faye Cole-Tanner and Guy Clardy for their expertise. It’s been several years since Guy has been out here, so it was a real treat to see him and show under him. It was also fun to see Guy’s wonderful wife Helen again, who always adds to the fun of any event!


To our Show Secretary, Jen Sommer, we cannot say “thanks” quite enough. Jen is a professional to the first degree, and manages to keep all of us on task, and in order. She’s been able to manage and account for all the entries, monies, problems that come up along the way. Without her expertise, the shows would not be the success they have been. We are truly grateful – you are AMAZING, Jen!


Regional News

To those of you in Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, and Utah – what’s happening in “your neighborhood?” Trail rides? Dressage? Open Shows? Foals? Please take a few minutes to share what’s happening at your place, and in your area. At this point, we are your “Area Representatives”. What can we do to represent you? What ideas do you have – to have better events, better communication? What are your expectations from the WPCSA? Are those expectations being met? If so, kudos to those who help make them happen. If not, please share so we can work on improvement. Please keep in mind, this is YOUR society – we are all part of it.


All the best,

Judy and Debbie


Southwest Region Blog 4 – Winter 2016 (January 7, 2016)

Hello and Happy New Year to all our Welsh Pony and Welsh Cob friends in the Southwest Region!


We decided it is time to do an “update” as your WPCSA regional representatives, as we work to keep all of you “informed” of national and regional “happenings”, and encourage you to provide us comments and news. We need feedback from everyone in California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico to really make this “blog” work. It’s for everyone! J


In the event that you have missed up-dates from the WPCSA, we’ll give you an overview of information from them. Again, the WPCSA websites are welshpony.org and wpcsamembers.com, the latter where you need to use your membership number to establish a user name and password, then log in – very easy.

The WPCSA American National show in Tulsa, Oklahoma was a huge success this past fall, but the Board of Directors is now looking at, and seeking input from both the host club OKWPS and all WPCSA members, on whether this show should continue to be held in Tulsa, rotate among regions as it used to do, or something else. The show has built a huge turn-out and been a great success the last four years, with 218 ponies from 130 farms from 18 states in 2015. There has been extensive discussion among the Board members and on the Yahoo group lists about the future of this show. One proposal to give exhibitors who are unable to travel to Tulsa more opportunities to earn points for year-end high-point awards is to 2X, 3X or 4X points at various shows to make exhibitors who don’t attend the American National show (or other shows) more competitive for year-end awards, to level the playing field, so to speak. Stayed tuned to this discussion and be sure to check the minutes from Board of Directors meetings and committee reports (see https://wpcsamembers.com/about-wpcsa/minutes/) for further information. Letters and on-line comments received from members are included with the minutes and committee reports, so reading through this will really give you a good sense of the society’s discussion. Responses from the OKWPS club indicate that they will be unable to contract with Tulsa to host the show in 2016 and 2017. And as a reminder to our southwest region members, Jackie Verkuyl and Megan Burtness (both from California) are on the WPCSA Board of Directors, and Patricia Cochran (Northwest Region) is also a Board member. Feel free to contact any of the board members with questions and ideas.

The 2016 convention and annual general meeting (AGM) for the WPCSA will be held in San Antonio, Texas, February 25 – 28. If you have not visited San Antonio, this is your chance! It is a wonderful city and the host Embassy Suites hotel is not that far from the famous “River Walk” along the San Antonio River, where the Alamo is located and lots of wonderful shops and restaurants. Registration information for the meeting is available at http://wpcsamembers.com/about-wpcsa/annual-convention/. You can register on-line! To get the convention discount room-rate at the hotel, you need to book by January 20, 2016 with the Embassy Suites San Antonio Northwest host hotel. The suite rate is $119 which includes a fully cooked breakfast each morning, a manager’s reception with complimentary drinks each evening and complimentary wireless Internet in each guest room. Book your room today by calling 1-800-HILTONS and use the code WPC to receive our special rate. For those who would like to extend your stay, the hotel will honor the $119 rate for 3 days prior and 3 days after the scheduled dates in the contract.


And as announced earlier, it looks like we in California will help host the 2017 WPCSA convention and annual meeting. The sites looking most promising are currently San Diego and San Francisco – stay tuned!

            Now – on to regional news – and this is where we need you to share with us in the blog so we can all learn what is happening across the southwest region.


We invite you to check out the WPCAC website at any time. http://wpcac.com As you scroll down, you will see a large box telling you that the latest issue of the Bulletin is available. If you are interested in older Bulletins (aka Newsletters), please go to the “News” section under the Site Menu, and you will find them there.   Those who work on the Bulletin put a great deal of work in it for your benefit. There’s always news, pictures, and articles that we are sure will be of interest to you.


If you wish to become a member of the WPCAC, please go to the “Membership Form” under the Site Menu, print it, complete it, and mail it to the club’s PO Box. There’s a wide variety of memberships available, and they are outlined on p. 2 of the Membership Form.


We in California are currently planning our 2016 activities and shows, also working with our good friends in the northwest region to know what Oregon and Washington shows we might be able to participate in. Pam Christensen and Cindy DiBrino are the WPCSA northwest regional representatives. We should have a show/event calendar soon, and will post that to this blog by mid-February or so.


Right now we in WPCAC are getting ready to hold our annual meeting and awards luncheon on Saturday, February 6 at the Bartley Cavanaugh Golf Course Clubhouse, 8301 Freeport Blvd., Sacramento (right off I-5). We held this fun event there last year, and it is a beautiful site, with Rebecca Kirtlan serving as the capable hostess.


What is happening is Colorado with the Welsh? What is happening in Utah, Nevada, New Mexico, and Arizona with your Welsh? Please let us know what you are you doing with your ponies and cobs. We know that many of you participate in open shows, do trail riding, combined driving and other things. We would really love to hear about some of your activities.


Please remember, we have a WPCSA Southwest Region Members Page on Facebook. Go to http//www.facebook.com/groups/1391422291178354 to see that page, add comment and photos, etc.


Questions? Please ask. Contact Debbie (deborahelliottfisk@gmail.com) or Judy (jph@softcom.net). Please share with us what’s happening “in your neighborhood”. Happy New Year to all! Debbie and Judy

SW News

Hello to all our Welsh Pony/Cob friends,

It’s come to our attention that it’s time to do an “update”, and effort to keep all of you

“informed”, and bring you any new, current news. We, in CA, can tell all what’s happening here, but

in order for all of us to know what’s happening in Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico,

we need YOU to participate in this blog. It’s for everyone!

In the event that you have missed up-dates from the WPCSA, we’ll give you an overview of

information from them.

As I’m sure you all know, the American National show is just around the corner! News from

the OKWPS tells us that everything appears to be well covered, and we think this show will be even

better than last year. A pre-event for Wednesday evening will include a Liberty class, a DJ, and

limitless ice cream.  Also, they have added a hat contest to be voted on during the exhibitor’s party

(check the OKWPS page for theme announcements) by party attendees.  Prizes, of course.  We

added a Versatile Pleasure Pony/Cob award for each section and half/partbreds.  Entries are to be

made at the secretary’s office before the show starts Friday. The trophies for these awards are very,

very nice.   We are focusing on press this year so keep smiling! The sponsorship drive is going well.

Silent auction items are starting to come in and we are collecting prizes for the exhibitors’ party

drawings.  The Section A Marketing Group added two very nice size cash awards for the Section A

pony coming the longest way to the show and for the Section A exhibitor with the most Section A

ponies at the show-to be announced at the exhibitors’ party. We will have tack stall awards again as

well as the children’s coloring contest.  A children’s pizza party is also a new addition.  Of course, we

will host the Exhibitors’ Party and Booth again. Exhibitors are encouraged to bring their favorite

cookies for the booth to share-a long time tradition for refreshments at Tulsa. It sure sounds like a fun

time is to be had! Geraint Davies (UK), Suzan Strahan (Nevada), and John Almond (Maryland) are

this year’s judges.

We are told that there is an opportunity for all to participate at the American National, whether

you are there or not. How? The sale of ring-side banners at the show! It’s an awesome opportunity

to display your ad/farm name on the inside of the arena fence for one of the largest Welsh shows in

the USA! It’s a great opportunity to help bring the edges of the country together, all at one show!

You may place your order and make a credit card payment all on this link.

http://bridlewoodwelsh.com/ring-side-banners/ It’s a great step in the direction of making the

American National Show just that much more special with a solid ring fence showing off our

members, sponsors, and of course, the stunning Welsh we all breed! If you have any questions,

please contact megan@bridlewoodwelsh.com

Updated information from the WPCSA office on general announcements: Apparently there

has been a problem with the stud book link with LuLu on-line. If you have experienced this problem,

please try


Exciting news!!!  Note that the printed studbooks will be discontinued, but the on-line studbook (and

other data) will become free to all members (annual membership rates will increase $5 in 2016 to

offset this cost).  Ownership information will be provided too!  The printed stud books will continue.

However, the on-line data is current through the previous week.  What an incredibly amazing benefit

to be able to offer our members.

We have been hard at work updating the website www.wpcsamembers.com.  Please take a look if

you haven’t recently.  Once complete, this site will be renamed welshpony.org to be the primary

website for the society (WPCSA).  So far, all of the work done on wpcsamembers.com has been in-

house by the office and board of directors member Megan Burtness.  A huge THANK YOU to Megan

(who, by the way, is chomping at the bit for me to tell you that YES, REGISTRATIONS WILL BE


The WPCSA Journal was hand delivered to members attending the PennMarydel Show (thank you

Sabra Schiller!).  The bulk mailing was completed on July 15.  Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for

delivery.   The next Journal deadline is December 31st and will cover events of 2015.  This will be the

same size format as the Welsh Review (“our magazine”), which will be offered as three issues in

2016 rather than the historical four issues.

2015 Welsh Review Vol. 2 was mailed on July 24th.  Lisa Landis is currently working on 2015 Vol.

3.  The ad deadline for 2015 Vol. 4 is September 6th.  That issue is normally the Sec. B and Hunter

issue.  However, this year we will be adding “Stallions” to that category in order to get information out

before breeding season since, as described above, the Review will be three issues in 2016.  Also, our

friends in California start breeding in November and December so this will give them more

opportunities to advertise their stallions.

Now – on to CA news!

We invite you to check out the WPCAC website at any time. http://wpcac.com As you scroll

down, you will see a large box telling you that the latest issue of the Bulletin is available. If you are

interested in older Bulletins (aka Newsletters), please go to the “News” section under the Site Menu,

and you will find them there. Those who work on the Bulletin put a great deal of work in it for your

benefit. There’s always news, pictures, and articles that we are sure will be of interest to you.

If you wish to become a member of the WPCAC, please go to the “Membership Form” under

the Site Menu, print it, complete it, and mail it to the club’s PO Box. There’s a wide variety of

memberships available, and they are outlined on p. 2 of the Membership Form.

As you can see, the WPCAC members have had a great start to 2015 with activities. Both our

Play Day and our Spring Show were very successful, and the best part is that participants had a good

time. We’ve recently participated in the Santa Barbara National Horse Show, which is always a

wonderful experience for us. We are now very close to our Brookside Show and Pacific Coast

Classic – WPCSA Western Regional Show, and look forward to this with anticipation.

What is happening is Colorado with the Welsh? What is happening in Utah? Nevada? New

Mexico? Arizona? I suspect there aren’t many (if any) shows. What are you doing with your ponies

and/or cobs? Trail riding? Driving? Combined Drives? There are a TON of Combined Driving

Events in CA, with Welsh doing very well. Currently, there is a series going, and the winning Welsh

will receive an award at the conclusion of the series.

Please remember, we have a SW Facebook page. Go to


Questions? Please ask. Contact Debbie (debbieef@wildblue.net ) or Judy (jph@softcom.net)

Please share with us what’s happening “in your neighborhood”.

Southwest Region: Welcome to our new blog!

Dear WPCSA Friends,

As you may, or may not know, the WPCSA has reinstated the “Area Rep”, or “Regional Rep” Program, in an effort to help establish better communications with all of our “Welsh” friends. This past February at the AGM, the board asked Debbie Elliott-Fisk and Judy Hubert to be the Area Reps for the Southwest Region. The SW Region includes AZ, CA, CO, NM, NV and UT.

We have recently received a listing of all current members, and both of us were surprised at how few members we have from Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada and Utah. While we have a large number of WPCSA members from California, the numbers are definitely down. Are there really that few Welsh ponies and cobs across our southwestern states, or are people not renewing their membership for various reasons? We would like your insights on this.

We are also anxious to hear from you about what activities you do with your ponies and cobs, as well as generally, what kind of activities are available in your area. Do you have a statewide club? As an individual, what benefits does the WPCSA bring to you? How can they help otherwise? And, if you have a statewide association, club or group, how can the WPCSA help your group? Do you have other news to share with us, such as new foals, a new member of your herd, or participation in a new discipline?   We know that as versatile as our Welsh ponies and cobs are, that our members are engaged in many activities with them. Please share with us what’s happening in your world.

There are currently several avenues of communication we are using with our Southwest Region WPCSA members:

(1) In March, we started a WPCSA Southwest Region Members Page as a Facebook group (see https://www.facebook.com/groups/1391422291178354/). Debbie is the administrator of the group, and you can bring up the Facebook page to request to join, if you do not already belong to the group. All members can also post there, and Debbie approves the posts.

(2) The WPCSA board of directors also recently set up a blog site in the members only sub-directory (wpcsamembers.com) of the WPCSA website (welshpony.org). If you have not logged onto the members site before, you need to input your membership number, and the WPCSA approves your addition to the site. You only have to log in the one time. The blog site is under the WPCSA Members tag/menu, and you can scroll down and read the various blogs (http://wpcsamembers.com/blog/). We will try to add new blogs for our region on a regular basis.

(3) We still the use the two Yahoo.com groups, the wmp2 and ponycob groups/lists (see groups.yahoo.com).

(4) Lastly, we all use email, and we will be sending out some group emails to our new WPCSA Southwest Region members list. We are going to email to everyone using the “bcc” blind copy function in email to keep your addresses private. You should know however that the WPCSA does have a members directory available on the wpcsamembers.com site under the member services tab, organized by state (http://wpcsamembers.com/member-services/member-breeder-directory/). You need to log in a second time to access or download (as an Adobe pdf file) the directory.

We would also like you to help us build our WPCSA membership. Do you know of people in your area that are Welsh pony or cob (and this includes part-bred) owners who are not members of the WPCSA? We would like to encourage them to join us. An organization is only as good as it’s members, and the more we have, and the more involved we all are, the better the organization will be for all.

Please feel free to contact either Debbie (debbieef@wildblue.net ) or Judy (jph@softcom.net ) by email, through the Facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/1391422291178354/, or by scrolling down to the Southwest Region blog (http://wpcsamembers.com/blog/). We’d love to hear from you!


At our WPCAC play-day, March 2015, talking regional rep work!

At our WPCAC play-day, March 2015, talking regional rep work!

With appreciation,

Debbie and Judy

Southwest Region Blog Post – test

Dear Southwest Regions Members:


With the help of Megan Burtness, I am testing this new blog tool to post messages to our WPCSA Southwest Region Members. We look forward to posting news items, as well as sharing any concerns you may have and addressing your questions here. Thank you for participating in this.


All the best

Debbie Elliott-Fisk (and Judy Hubert)

Southwest Region Representatives