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ASGARD GOLD SAND LOM (Meadowlawn Squire LOM x Asgard Golden Sand) was foaled in 1991 and bred by Maureen Lapicola. He was leased to sabra and Monty Schiller of Tennesse as a yearling and remained with them until 1996. While there he was beautifully trained to drive and was shown in halter and driving in many part of the US, winning many classess and championships. He attracted many admirers and appeared in the WPSCA publicity video. He sired many nice foals for them. In 1997 Nicole Schnick started helping us show in a few halter classes. By 2000 that included driving Gold Sand (Sand) under Mareen’s scrutiniy. She decided to persue his LOM. He did very well in halter, pleasure and carriage driving. Maureen thought it might be fun to see how he’d do under saddle ridden Saddleseat. As you can see from the photo, he took to it beautifully. Nicole said he made the transition to being ridden supper easy. Maureen didn’t live to see her pony win his LOM. She died in April 2002 after a two year battle with cancer. Her sister, Valerie, took over Maureen’s wish and had Sand shown in 2002. They went to a few shows in the state and the Central National in Tulsa, OK where he was Champion in halter. It was decided to show him in the single draft division. We borrowed a draft harness which was fit to him and adjusted by some helpful exhibitors in the draft classes at the show. He won the single draft and pleasure driving championships and reserve in carriage. He missed one of the carriage classes or would have been champion. When Valerie died unexpectedly in September 2003, Deborah, the last sister planned to finish her sisters’ quest. However Nicole was unable to resume showing Sand until 2008. After attending a limited number of shows in 2008 and 2009, he had his LOM points. In 2008 he was in the ribbons for the WPCSA Nationally in Pleasure Driving and Draft Single plus won many Regional and state championships. Sand’s movement is typical of the big, powerful, extreme, true-to-type natural movement we have bred for over 40 years. In showing and handling Sand, Nicole fell in love with him and he is on permanent lease to her. I want to thank everyone that had a hand in showing him in halter over the years and Sabra and Nicole for expertly showing him in driving. He elicits excitement when he trots as people say, “Now that’s what a Welsh Mountain Pony should move like”. Even though his ownership had passed from Maureen to Valerie and then to Deborah, I asked to have Maureen’s name put on his Legion of Merit plaque. I know that she would be pleased.

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