WPCSA National Points

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The 2016 National Points are officially locked and final

Point Scoring:

Bronze Show

For classes with 3 or more entries:

                First =  5 points
            Second =  3 points
               Third =  2 points
             Fourth = 1 point

 For classes with 2 entries:

                First =  2 points
            Second =  1 point

For classes with 1 entry:

          First =   1 point

Junior Champion Filly/Colt = 3 points

Res. Junior Champion Filly/Colt = 2 points

Champion Mare, Stallion, Gelding = 3 points

Res. Champion Mare, Stallion, Gelding = 2 points

Grand Champion = 4 points

Res. Grand Champion = 3 points

Supreme Champion/Supreme Gelding = 5 points

Res. Supreme Champion/Res. Supreme Champion Gelding = 3 points

*Performance Champion = 3 points

*Performance Reserve Champion = 2 points

For a Silver Show the above totals are doubled.

For a Gold Show, the Bronze totals are tripled.

Breeding classes:Championships At silver and gold-rated shows, points are awarded to only one Supreme Champion and Reserve Supreme Champion per halter judge. Geldings are eligible for a separate Championship and Supreme Championship.

Breeding classes:Championships Full Breed Championship points will be awarded for a breed division Champion (including grand and supreme) providing there are at least three qualified for the champion class (Only first and second place winners are “qualified” for a champion class).