BOD Hot Topics

Topics in discussion with the Board of Directors:

1.  The BOD is looking at adding a Performance Diversity Division for future show years.  We would welcome ideas of specific classes to be a part of this division.  The current thought is to offer a number of classes for shows to select 3 from to comprise a Diversity Division that would be Open to all ages and for A/B/C/D/Half/PB.

2.  Membership drive – We need to increase new and renewing memberships and would like constructive suggestions on how to reach members and owners to encourage them to join.  Membership incentives, referral incentives, and non-member fees at show have been considered – what are some other ideas.

3.  New point incentives are in place for the National and Regional shows – the National show is already an amazing show but what can we do to improve our Regional shows and make them a special showcase for our Breed?


Many breeders are willing to accept back animals that they have bred should the pony need to be rehomed. Please contact the office for current information regarding this program.




Contact your Directors today to send in your thoughts on the above topics or
any other topics or thoughts you might have:

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