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ADVERTISING RATES for the Welsh Review / Journal Review:

Full Page Color $260
Half-Page Color $175
Quarter Color Page $100
Win Photo $50
Spotlight Ad $50

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Refer questions to: or (540) 868-PONY (7669)

All ads must be submitted camera ready.
Please note we no-longer offer In-House ad design.
If you are looking for an ad designer feel free to contact one from this list:

Amiee Bernier, (508) 758-6672,
Patricia Cochran, (503) 324-0105,
Tracy Dopko, (780) 892-7930,
Amy E. Riley (508) 527-6633,
Kathryn Southard, (301) 934-1931,
Olivia Wenger, (805) 423-2912,
Laura Westenkirchner,



 Alvesta Farm
American Driving Society, Inc.
Beckwith Manor
BridleWood Welsh
Brule Creek Welsh
Caddo Welsh Ponies

Cedarglen Welsh
Copper Beech Farm
Curyll Farms

Dartland Farms
Family Partners Welsh Ponies
Farnley Farm
  Gaslight Farm
Glenhaven Welsh Ponies & Cobs
Goldhills Welsh
Greyglyn Welsh Mountain Ponies
Heavenly Welsh

Here-Be Dragons
Just for Ponies
Kickapoo Ponies
Laughing Dog Ranch

Loafers Lodge Welsh Ponies
Lower Cross Farm

Madyn Welsh Ponies
MHS Welsh Cobs 970-259-0373

Miracle Welsh Mountain Ponies

Off the Rail Farm
Paisley Magazine (The)

Pleasantstone Welsh
Pyron Ranch Welsh Ponies
Qualen’s Gangrels Farm
Quicksilver Farm
Rollingwoods Farm
Rosegarland Welsh

Rosehaven Farm

Severn Oaks Farm
Sneek A Peek Farm
Stepping Stone Farm

Thistleworth Welsh

Tylwyth Pony Farm

Tri-Ef Ranch Welsh Ponies
Waller Farms
Whiperwil Farm
Willows (The)